Leanne's Amazing Medics

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Earlier this term, as part of Leanne's Amazing Medics project, a group of Year 9 students were invited to visit St. George's University Hospital in Tooting. It was a very successful visit and the students were a great credit to St Martin's, asking informed questions and really contributing to the visit.  They also took part in various activities including a First Aid session where they learnt how to perform CPR. The St George’s medical student team commented on how impressed they were with our students’ behaviour and professionalism.

Leanne is a former Head Girl at St Martin’s, now reading Medicine at St George’s.  She is passionate about her chosen career and has secured funding to run a project at St Martin’s designed to inspire and inform students who wish to pursue a career in Medicine.

As well as First Aid, students took part in several workshops:  Introduction to Medicine; Radiography; Cardiology; Communication Skills; and a tour of the medical school where teaching First Aid and Clinical skills took place in addition to a brief on the medicine's entry requirements.

The day ended with a plenary where speakers included Leanne Armitage, Daniel Huf, and guest speakers Professor Jenny Higham, Dr Andrew Selman, Dr Noreen Nguru and Veronica Martin a social philanthropist and Leadership coach.

Students report that being part of Leanne's Amazing Medics left them feeling very motivated and aspiring to do what they previously thought was impossible.