Helen Hayes MP

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Before our half-term break, the St Martin’s Student Leadership Team had the fantastic opportunity of welcoming Helen Hayes MP for Dulwich and West Norwood.

Helen spoke to the girls about her journey to becoming an MP and her current role as a member of Parliament.   The students leaders were then given the opportunity to ask questions. All present were impressed by the considered questions asked by the students and it was evident that the girls had used their skills of analysis when formulating these questions.  When Ms Hayes asked what the girls felt to be the important issues facing them as teeenagers today, they highlighted education and health care funding, plus the lack of youth clubs as areas that needed to be improved upon. The session was both informative and educational whilst also supporting the Wellbeing curriculum of law and democracy.

We thanked Helen for taking the time out of her busy parliamentary schedule to speak to our Student Leaders (below) and Ms Ryan emphasised her belief that one day in the future a student leader would come back to St Martin’s to talk about their role as a serving MP.