GCSE Results 2019

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St Martin's staff, students and their families are celebrating yesterday's fantastic news about the examination results by our Year 11 students.  We have made significant gains this year and have results on or above national in many subject areas.  

We have much to celebrate and our provisional headlines include the following:  

  • English Language 61% grade 4 and above
  • English Literature 72% grade 4 and above
  • Biology 100% grade 6 and above
  • Chemistry 100% grade 5 and above
  • Physics 100% grade 4 and above, with 95% at the higher grade 5 and above
  • Art 92% grade 4 and above with 50% at the higher grade 5 and above
  • Religious Studies 78% grade 4 and above with 65% at the higher grade 5 and above
  • French 75% grade 4 and above with 66% at the higher grade 5 and above
  • Spanish 70% achieved the higher grade 5 and above
  • All students taking exams in their home language achieved grade 7/B or above

The Mathematics results continue to improve with 55% grade 4 and above, just below the 2019 national figure of 59%. Our grade 7 and above of 15% was marginally below the national of 16%. 

We have also had continued success in our vocational courses with good outcomes in BTEC Sport 82%, BTEC Business 92%, BTEC Health & Social Care 95% and VCERT Child Development 100%. A significant number of the grades were at Merit, Distinction and Distinction*.

Students have worked extremely hard and we congratulate all students who have recorded grades throughout the 9-1 scale. We must not lose sight of the fact that students have completed demanding courses with significantly more and longer examination papers. We give credit to all achievement and remain mindful that with the Government’s decision to describe a grade 4 as a ‘standard pass’ and a grade 5 as a ‘strong pass’ this does not send a negative message to students who attain grades at 1, 2 and 3. These grades are an achievement.

Beverley Stanislaus, Headteacher, commented "We are a Good and improving school, and are committed to our students and to ensure that they can be the best that they can be.  This is highlighted in our latest Ofsted inspection report: "The motto of the school, 'Caritate et Disciplina' - With Love and Learning, is driven by all staff in a common endeavour to improve the life chances of all students." (Ofsted May 2018)"