Ramadan Mubarak

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This year Ramadan is expected to begin 12 April or 13 April 2021. It is the holiest month of the year for Muslims as it is when the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

Some of our students and staff will start a month of fasting and we recognise and value this as a special time for them and their families.  At this time of year, they go without food and drink for a long time and this is known as fasting. The real significance of the month of Ramadan is about self-discipline and working on improving your character. It is not just about going without food for long hours, it is working on values such as honesty, truthfulness, charity, forgiveness, respect and these are the values that this school upholds.

Much like last year, Ramadan 2021 will be drastically different for Muslims across the UK and the world with many customs and practices being changed due to Covid restrictions.

Last year Ramadan began almost a month into the first lockdown which meant mosques were closed and people were told to stay at home.  As a result of this many Muslims were not able to take part in congregational prayers and visit family and friends to break their fast together at sunset.  However, as the country begins its roadmap out of national lockdown some rules have already allowed for places of worship to remain open for communal prayers.  There will only be limited capacity with protective measures and social distancing in place and much like last year, many people will most likely pray at home with virtual sermons and livestreams set to reconvene.   Please go to the following websites, the Muslim Council of Britain Ramadan and the NHS  How to support staff fasting during Ramadan – Our NHS People for more information on support for Ramadan during the covid-19 pandemic.

In 2021, students’ grades in GCSE, AS and A level and many vocational and technical qualifications will be determined by a holistic ‘teacher assessed grade’, which will be internally and externally quality assured. These assessments will take place during the month of Ramadan.

We wish our students, staff and families a happy and safe Ramadan.

For additional information view the documents below that will provide practical advice for Muslim staff, students and families on how best they can fulfil their Islamic obligations during Ramadan, including for students, the obligation to perform well in any tests and assessments.

This year, the Eid al-Fitr holiday will be observed on 12 or 13 May.

Ramadan  Health and Spirituality Guide
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Information Paper Ramadan April 2021