Pride month 2021

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This year, the theme will be based on Pride in London’s values of Visibility, Unity and Equality - for all of our communities. 

The past months have been extraordinary with the continued Covid-19 pandemic.  The LGBT+ community despite its resilience has continued to face adversity and we know there is a want and a need for the community to come together.  This year, and now more than ever, we cannot lose sight of how important it is to support and celebrate our incredible diverse community. 

The usual parade in London has been moved to take place later in the year and the date has been set for 11 September 2021. Information about this will be updated in relation to government advice and the national easing of Covid restrictions.

The Parade route will be slightly changing too. There will still be a march through central London, Piccadilly Circus and around Trafalgar Square. The final route will be shared at a later date.